So It Was Party Overload That Did It

I was like…. (*o*)

I woke up very early this morning (around 3am?) with severe chills. I thought I had just kicked off my blanket and was cold, but when I realized I still had my blankets all on, and I was shivering for the next 1/2 hr – hr (I wasn’t timing this :P) I figured something was wrong. I think I tired myself out after that, but woke up all sweaty because I’d come down with a fever… I called in sick to work of course and spent the day in bed 🙁

Friday afternoon was my co-worker’s housewarming party. Someone brought a chocolate fountain they had picked up with an employee discount at Best Buy, so we enjoyed chocolate covered goodies while we conversed around it. Let me tell u, this is the only group of people who can talk about potty training and poopy horror stories around a chocolate fountain without being phased one bit.

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