Why I Made This Site

In my time on places like Instagram and Co. I’ve found many people to be hostile or just plain harsh.

I don’t write on their to rebuff anyone or pick a fight, in fact that’s what I’m trying to avoid, but I in fact think that a person should only be corrected in a nice non harsh way otherwise you come across as a complete biznatch.

I wish people could understand that while we do have to know what we did wrong and own up to it we should not be stoned out of the town or eaten by cannibals.

It simply isn’t fair to prosecute someone for something like accidentally undermining the meaning of something or misquoting or mis-defining something either. Its natural and the people who write these harsh comments admonishing others is simply uncouth and I find it a tad bit saddening.

That’s why I like zombies, they have no emotions and can’t get mad at you.

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